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Aiden Adele Turns Two

As I sit down to write this letter (the night before you turn two – a tradition that I started last year before your first birthday) I feel overwhelmed with emotion.

I feel sad that time is such a thief and that these past two years have gone by in a blink of an eye. I wish I could shrink wrap you in the perfect little person that you are right now, in this moment. I wish I could always remember everything that happened this past year, but since I know that’s impossible, I wanted to write down my favorite things.

1. Your heart is so big and you have more love and kindness to give than anyone I’ve ever met. Your big brown eyes greet me every morning with so much hope of what the day might entail and love for life. You always jump up and say, “hi mama, I nap” because you think sleeping for the night is considered a nap.

2. You are so silly and laugh at things you don’t even understand (in the cheesiest way possible) because all the grown ups are laughing. I call it your dumb and dumber laugh because it’s so fake and funny sounding.

3. You spend your days bossing me around and telling me to “shit (sit) down”… “take the water”…or “ollow me (follow me)” and I do so with such a happy heart because I know that one day you won’t want me to help you with things.

4. You refuse to use the potty despite our best efforts. Instead you gladly poop on the floor or go in the bathroom and pretend to go potty. You’ve gone to the bathroom on the potty a few times by this point, but because you’re so strong willed, you almost always say “no potty” and run away anytime we ask you if you need to go. You also love to flush the toilet and say, “bye poopy, I love you” when you flush it.

5. You love swimming. I think you were a mermaid in your past life. We spent this summer in CA at Granny and Grandpa’s and you’ve basically lived in the pool. They bought you a pair of floaties and you love wearing them. Every time we swim, you scream, “I’m SHWIMMING” at least 100x.

6. Over the past few weeks, we started baking together, which is so special to me because it’s something that I did with my grandma as a little girl. I love watching you get excited when I ask you to bake and running over to get “your chair” to stand on so you can help. You’re an expert taste tester and say, “ I like that”.

7. You’re a crazy climber. We had to get a tent that goes underneath you mattress (which we already moved on the floor) and ties onto the sides of the crib so that you wouldn’t escape and hurt yourself. We always laugh because you can never just sit still and watch TV or color. You always have to have one leg up on something or be hoisting yourself across the furniture.

8. You’re so nice to other kids, whether you’ve known them for five minute or five months. You never have a problem sharing and you’re so gentle. I was so worried that you were going to be snotty or mean to other kids because you’re so wild at home, but it couldn’t be more opposite.

9. Your favorite things are your baby dolls, Buzz + Woody and anything that reminds you of a princess.

10. Some of my favorite things that you say right now are “tool, huh?” when you look at something you like and what you’re trying to say is “cool. Huh?”… whenever Brooksie is crying, you look at him and say, “oh no, Brooksie, no tying (crying)”.

11. You love pizza, tooties (cookies) and lollipops. If someone says lollipop, your tongue starts moving a mile a minute in a licking motion. It makes me laugh just thinking about it and I hope I never forget it.

12. When were’ at Granny + Grandpa’s house, you love to play the piano. You bang the keys as hard as possible and bounce up and down when you’re doing it. You get the biggest smile on your face and love when someone joins you to pay. When we’re at Grammy + Papa’s house, you love to sneak out the dog door and run away as fast as possible, with such a devilish grin when you think you’ve made the great escape. You are wild and so full of adventure.

These are just twelve things that I hope I will always remember and cherish about you. I have loved every second of being your mother and am so grateful for our days together. I wish I could keep you this small forever and always be your best friend. I love you more than I’ll ever be able to explain. Happy second birthday, my sweet, Aiden Adele.


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