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Fav Free People Sale Items

Holy cow – I can’t believe it’s already the end of July! Between the Fourth of July and vacation, I feel like this past month has absolutely flown by.

We had so much fun on our West Coast extravaganza and I can't wait to share more about the trip with you guys! We did a ton of shopping while on vacation and thankfully for our wallets, there were so many sales going on. I absolutely love Free People's clothing but I hate how expensive it can be. However, they had a huge sale this last weekend and I picked up some fabulous new items that I'm totally in love with! A bunch of the stuff that I got is still on sale, so don't miss out! I'll also be sharing some of the other items I picked up later on, so stay tuned.

After all the craziness over the last couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to getting organized and back into our daily routines, which means tons of laundry, unpacking and cleaning the next few days.


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