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Favorite Tops from Shein

Between the bottles, baby food, muddy dog paws, cooking meals, coffee and everything else in between, I have such a hard time keeping my clothes clean and I’m sure all of you moms feel my pain. I’ve learned that there is no point in buying anything expensive, because more often than not, something is going to get on it. I also find it way to inconvenient to try to be cautious and worry about something spilling on me.

I’m always on the hunt for cute/inexpensive items and I’ve talked to different girlfriends about the website Shein. Understandably, they’ve all been pretty skeptical or nervous about ordering from them, because everything is ridiculously inexpensive. And yes, because things on their website are so cheap, you do run the risk of them being poor quality, but I’ve also gotten a few of my favorite items from them – like the white top I’m wearing above! I know can be a little nerve-racking because it is somewhat of a gamble, but I will say that out of the five orders I’ve made with them, I’ve only had a few dud items. So if you’re interested in giving them a try, I’m listing some of my favorite tops below!


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