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Kid Friendly 4th of July Snack Mix

If there is one thing that I've learned from my kiddo recently, it's that toddlers love finger foods and snacks that they can run around with. Nothing is worse than bringing your toddler to a party and feeling like you have to overly supervise their eating because the hors d'œuvres are super messy, a choking hazard or really unhealthy. Thankfully, this snack mix is a full flavored, festive and healthy option for your on-the-go little one.

What You’ll Need

Measurements of all ingredients can be altered based on personal preference.

2 Cups of One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Oat Honey O’s (Sprouts)

2 Cups of KIND Oats + Honey Granola Clusters

½ Cup Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Strawberries

½ Cup Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Raspberries

½ Cup Dried Pineapple Chunks (Sprouts)

¼ - ½ Cup of Sweetened Shaved Coconut

¼ Cup of Chopped Blue Wilton Melting Chocolates


1. Pour everything into a glass bowl, mix and serve.

2. Another fun alternative would be to set up a “Make Your Own Snack Mix” station and allow kids to put their desired ingredients into a bowl or cup.

Whatever way you decide to dish out this snack mix, I know it will be a huge hit. Happy baking, friends!


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