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Our First Summer Bucket List

Like most kids, I counted down the days until summer vacation. I looked forward to “Grandma’s Summer Camp” and going on countless of adventures together. Whether it was swimming at her local clubhouse, having play dates with our friends, doing arts & crafts or exploring the zoo, Grandma always had something planned for us.

To say that I am excited about my first summer with Aiden would be an understatement. Everything about this “year of firsts” has been so exciting. Whether it was her first time to the pumpkin patch, having her first bite pizza, learning to crawl or all the other milestones in between, I’ve truly enjoyed helping her discover the world.

So, regardless if she never remembers anything from our first summer together, I know the memories that we make will be ones I cherish for the rest of my life. I’m sure our list will grow/change, but I’m sharing some of the things I really hope to do together this summer. If there is anything that this year has taught me, it’s that time is WAAAAY too valuable and I’ll do just about anything to make lifelong memories together.


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