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Toddler Friendly Hair Curlers

Yesterday, I posted a few videos of Aiden with sponge rollers in her hair and I was surprised by the amount of mom friends/followers that had questions about the process and type of rollers we used.

Let me start by saying that we've tried a few different types of rollers (the long skinny twist rollers and the self-grip rollers ) before and none of them worked as well as these little sponge rollers. I liked these the best because they're so easy to apply, lightweight and completely non-damaging to your kiddo’s hair.

The Process:

We started with dry + clean hair. Aiden had taken a bath earlier in the day and her hair was already completely dry when we decided to try these, but if you plan ahead, you can obviously do it when your kiddo’s hair is in the drying process.

Because Aiden’s hair was already dry, I used a squirt bottle on the mist setting and lightly misted Aiden’s hair until it was barely damp.

I took 1-1 ½ inch sections and placed the ends of her hair in the roller, tucked the tip underneath the rest of the section as I rolled downward towards her scalp. I repeated this process throughout her entire head.

I sprayed a (very) thin layer of hair spray over her entire head and waited 4-5 hours until her hair felt completely dry to remove the rollers. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can always use a blow dryer.

Once we removed all of the rollers, I used my ringers to brush out the curls and sprayed with a small amount of hairspray again. Viola – it’s that simple! Now the tricky part is keeping your toddler still for 5-10 minutes while you apply them - LOL!

The Curlers:

Tips + Tricks:

I may have just gotten really lucky and caught Aiden in a great mood, but if you’re thinking about trying to put curlers in your daughter's hair, below are a few suggestions for making the process successful.

In my opinion, the less focused your toddler is on what you’re doing to their hair, the better. When I was putting the rollers in Aiden's hair, I gave her a bag of chips (which is considered a treat for her) and we talked to Brooks and practiced our counting. She was distracted and the chips kept her hands busy, which prevented her from pulling the rollers out of her hair while I was applying them.

I was also overly obnoxious with the compliments during the entire application process I was and kept telling her how pretty she looked + that these rollers were going to give her princess hair.

With all that said, don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out the way you hope the first time. Toddlers are so unpredictable and you never know what you're going to get from them, but I do hope that you + your daughter get to enjoy doing this together!


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