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We're Moving!

Big news ya'll... we're moving, again! This will be our second big move within a year and I must say, we’re getting pretty good at packing up our house – LOL!

Matt was recently presented with an amazing work opportunity and it was an offer we just couldn’t pass up. However, because of our travel plans for Thanksgiving, we were left with two short days to pack up our house in Atlanta and head to our new home in Houston, Texas.

It’s been a crazy last few days, especially for Matt who just packed up the house, loaded the U-haul and drove it across the southern part of the U.S…That being said, we are really excited about this next chapter, but will definitely miss the wonderful friends we made and our cute home in Atlanta. This past year was an amazing experience for us and I’m forever grateful for everything we gained by moving to Atlanta.

When we first moved to Atlanta, we didn’t know anyone and had barely even visited the city. Although it was scary to feel so alone, it was amazing to get a fresh start, explore a new city, try various restaurants, discover different areas and adventure with Matt. Because we didn’t know anyone, we were able to grow extremely close as a couple, as we relied solely on one another, especially in the beginning. I feel so lucky that I get to conquer life with such an amazing partner.

I feel like I spent one of the best years of my life in Atlanta … learning how to create a home, growing extremely close with the love of my life, discovering who I am as a woman and eventually transitioning into the role of being a mommy. I’m ecstatic about all of the new opportunities Houston will present to us and feel blessed to have created so many amazing memories/experiences in Atlanta this past year.


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