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Why I Stopped Writing and What's Next

Hey y’all. . . . I’m back! I have to admit that when I started my blog last year, it was probably the most inconvenient time ever. I was pregnant with Aiden and preparing for the most life-altering event of becoming a mom. I was warned by mentors that starting a blog takes an unimaginable amount of time. I understood that because working with someone to just build my site and get it running was an extremely long and tedious process. But, what I didn't fully comprehend, was how limited my time would become as Aiden demanded my undivided attention. My initial plan was to get the website up and running and then sneak in time here and there to add, embellish and maintain the blog. I quickly realized that was not realistic and everyone’s warnings came rushing back to mind.

Despite all of the advice I’d received, articles I’d read and conferences I’d attended, I truly couldn’t understand how much work is involved in creating a highly successful blog. On top of all the time, planning and creativity that it takes to produce a single post, add in the work required to get a blog off the ground, a steady content schedule, taking pictures/preparing visuals, planning social media posts, (etc.) AAANND a brand new baby… Yeah, I was totally and one hundred percent out of my league.

That being said, I had already put a ton of time into my blog and wasn’t ready to give up just yet, so whenever I had a free moment, I would sit in front of my computer and quickly concoct a post. I honestly thought that because I went to journalism school and spent a good four years of my life writing hundreds of papers (on a whim), I would be able to pull content for my blog out of thin air.

Obviously, (like most things in life) I quickly realized that I wasn’t the exception to the rule and that if I really wanted this blogging thing to be something I was extremely proud of, I would need to dedicate even more time to it. And although, I spent a tremendous amount of time taking pictures and working on visual ideas, the research, content, and social media marketing took the back burner. I realized that I was making so many mistakes during those initial months. I wasn’t planning ahead or organizing the content that I was producing. Instead, because I felt pressure to post something, anything, I was publishing off-the-wall posts.

Something needed to change. The whole reason that I started my blog was because I sincerely enjoy connecting with people through writing and stories. I also believe that social media, if used properly, can be an extremely amazing way to connect and learn from other people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a mom post something on social media and then thought to myself, “um hello…why haven’t tried this?!” So, when I first envisioned my blog, my hope was to share ideas and life experiences with others that would encourage them to feel inspired, connected, motivated and passionate.  Then somehow along the way, I lost sight of my original goal and authenticity.  So, I decided that I needed to take a step back and regroup.

It took me much longer than I expected, but I didn’t want to rush the process. So, here I am– over a year later, with a clear head, all good intentions and my heart in the right place. I am continuously trying to find a balance between being the best mom I can be and focusing on myself/my goals. Everyday comes with a new hurdle or adventure, but I finally feel like I have more control over all aspects of my life and my expectations. I have figured out who I am/aspire to be (as a mother and woman) and am constantly learning new things about my daughter, myself and my role in life.

Lastly, I wanted to take the time to say how much I truly appreciate you taking the time to read what I share and to follow our journey. I am genuinely thankful for you and your encouragement. It’s not always easy to open up and share personal things with the world and it’s the support from all of you that makes it possible.

I am beyond excited to share everything that I’ve been working so hard on and look forward to continuing to take you on this real life adventure with me.

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