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Sample of Aiden's Weekly Menu

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

As Aiden started eating solid foods, I quickly learned that making sure she had a balanced diet and was interested in the food she was eating was more challenging than I expected. And just because she liked something yesterday, didn’t mean she was going to like it today – meaning, I was going to have to start getting creative. So, every Sunday, I try to sit down and create a weekly menu for Aiden that is filled with tons of different options. For me, writing out a menu, planning and cooking (some of the things) ahead helps when our days are a little crazier than expected.

Below is a menu for the upcoming week!

Aiden Weekly Menu

These are just suggestions and might not necessarily work for your child. Aiden has 11 teeth and has always been really good with eating tricky textures!


Breakfast: French Toast w/ Cinnamon + Banana & Raspberries

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Cooked Carrots, Avocado, Grapes

Dinner: Breaded Chicken, Spaghetti or Zoodles, Asparagus, Broccoli

Snacks: Freeze Dried Strawberries/Bananas, Yogurt, String Cheese


Breakfast: Multigrain Pancakes + Strawberry/ Blueberry

Lunch: Tuna Fish + Cracker or Tuna Sandwich, Mango, Broccoli

Dinner: Ground Turkey Meat, Carrots, Peas, Zucchini, Asparagus, Quinoa

Snacks: Edamame (Shelf off + Halved), Apples, Ritz Crackers


Breakfast: Omelette/Scrambled Eggs + Cheese, Spinach, Onions

Lunch: Tortilla Roll Up – Chicken Deli Meat, Thinly Sliced Colby Jack Cheese, Mayo, Shaved (Super Thin) Cucumber

Dinner: Mexican Crockpot Chicken, Refried Bean, Cheese, Avocado

Snacks: String Cheese, Cuties


Breakfast: French Toast, Strawberry, Banana

Lunch: Chicken Apple Sausage (peal the skin off of it), Mac & Cheese, Broccoli

Dinner: Salmon, Butternut Squash, Rice or Sweet Potato Mash

Snacks: Crackers, Raspberries


Breakfast: Overnight Oats + Banana + PB2 Powder

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich, Apples, Grapes

Dinner: Eat out! Yay!

Snacks: Harvest Snap Peas, Blueberries/Strawberries


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