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Makeup Monday: Ep. 3 Let's Talk Hair Products

Revlon Round Brush Blowdryer

Why I Love It

I love that it gives me a “blow out look” in under ten minutes. I have always hated to blow dry my hair because I feel like it takes forever and no matter what, it always looks flat and frizzy at the bottom. With this Revlon dryer, my hair dries quickly, has tons of volume and requires no additional styling. I also love that I don’t have to use any hot tools on my hair afterwards.


The blow dryer has three settings: cool, medium and high. I use the high setting because my hair is a medium thickness. I don’t ever feel like it gets too hot or has caused any damage to my hair. When drying, I like to do my hair in three sections: bottom, middle and top. When I reach the top section, I like to blow-dry all of it towards my face (which is the opposite direction its going to lay) to give that section a little extra volume. Once that top section is basically dry (but not completely dry), I part it and finish drying it in their styled potions.

Additional Products That I Swear By


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