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Tips for Creating a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Tablescape

Check Your Backyard or Local Areas

All of the greenery and plants that made up our tablescape came from my parent’s backyard or the mountain surrounding their house. When we started creating this tablescape, I would have never thought that a few leaves and sticks from the backyard would create something so stunning.

Tip: Look for long branched leaves, plants that don’t have stickers or strong scents. Even if a plant doesn’t look super pretty by itself, CUT IT, because it may look pretty mixed in with everything else.

Be Resourceful, Use Left Over Items from Halloween or Find Them On Sale

If you’re like us and still have your pumpkins from Halloween hanging around, use them as decoration. As a side note, our pumpkins were originally orange and I didn’t love the color of them with the rest of the greenery, so I painted them cream. If you need to buy pumpkins or additional items for the tablescape, check the Dollar Store, Target “Dollar Section” or Hobby Lobby. Depending on what you’re looking for, Hobby Lobby might be the best place for you to head as they are having an 80% off sale on all of their Fall Décor!

Shop Your House

Look around your house for décor that might add some height or other interesting dimensions to the tablescape. I took the candleholders from my parent’s bathroom + kitchen counter and intermixed them into the tablescape to add some height. You can use pinecones from your Christmas décor stash, old recycled jars filled with water + tea lights and so on.

Know Where to Purchase Cheap Greenery + What to Get

Trader Joe’s seems to have the greatest variety and best priced greenery. Below are some of the greenery options that I would recommend buying + how much they cost.


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